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Synergy for Success

We have put together a full and robust schedule. You don’t want to miss this event. As competition becomes more intense, businesses are asked to do more with less. Synergy within organizations becomes more critical.

This conference will be a great opportunity to network, collaborate, and build relationships that will foster best practices, evaluate industry trends, and brainstorm new ways to get the most out of what you do every day.

Event sessions include:

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"Great content – stretched my thinking – very applicable to my job and challenges faced every day."

"The most engaging seminar by far! Thank you for all the great insights."

"Wow awesome job!! Loved all of the information provided I feel much more confident."

"Fantastic information. High level, applicable, sophisticated, strategic, fully implementable. I have been in many, many workshops on the subject matter and NO ONE has presented this information so simply and clear and yet the content is sophisticated and thorough! BRAVO."

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Bill Treasurer

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